Chris Haw – Lead Vocals and Guitar

Formerly of Chiaroscuro and Inigo Jones Band

As the band’s front-man and guitarist, Chris has spent much of his life experiencing various exotic international cultures whilst traveling the world. So, no matter where you’re from he’ll get you up and dancing!


Jackie Kwenda – Vivacious Vocalist

This sassy and sexy singer is arguably Cape Town's very own Aretha Franklin. As the only lady in the band, she puts up with endless pestering from the boys, who love her for her cheeky attitude and her golden syrup voice...


Dave Bryant – Drums and Vocals

Formerly of Chiaroscuro and Palms Up

After a brief sojourn from the local music scene Dave is back behind the skins with The Swingsetters. If you smile sweetly he may even sing you a song.


Tim Mosh - Saxophone

Accomplished Session Musician

After getting bored of the Piano, Tim decided he's better off blowing his Saxophone to keep himself entertained. His unquestionable skills have left a wake of wonder, maybe willing to pay lip service to his skills!


Nathan Woodman – Keyboard, Vocals and Harmonica

Accomplished Session Musician

Nate is a keyboard sensation who has performed with most of Cape Town’s local talent as a session musician. He also has a penchant for belting out the odd Louis Armstrong cover with consummate ease.


Mike Davison - Trumpet

Formerly of Palms Up

Mike is the other half of the impressive horn section providing a much needed foil to Jamie Faull. Mike’s blue trumpet is well known around Cape Town for all the right reasons.


Cameron Nyce - Demon Bassist

Bass Aficionado

Although Cameron hails from the Big Smoke (Joburg) his bass playing is so hot that his background can easily be forgiven... He moved to Cape Town in 2007 to take a break from his lavish rock-star lifestyle and has since hooked up with the Swingsetters.


Jess van der Merwe  - Sexy Saxist

Accomplished Session Musician

Jess is well known in the Cape Town music scene for her beautiful melodic tenor Sax when she performs with the many bands who have enlisted her services. Her Infectious laugh is also well known to many!